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For Reliable Solutions For Your Business Security, Call Commercial Locksmith Near Me


If you have ever gone through a lockout or lost keys situation then you will be familiar with locksmith service. However, there are various types of specialists in the locksmith field that treat different types of the area such as resident and commercial.

For example, if you are facing trouble with your locks or keys in your office then you need to call a Commercial Locksmith Near Me, not a resident one. But what does a commercial locksmith do, how they are different, and how to find a reliable one? These are a few questions that may come in your mind.

Well, for the ‘how to find a good Commercial Locksmith Near Me’, we are a great solution. We are a team of highly qualified and certified professionals who are working in the industry for years. And, for other questions like what is commercial locksmith, what types of services, and what are benefits of calling them, continue reading.

What is a Commercial Locksmith?

Commercial locksmith services offer all the periodic maintenance and security installations that a commercial place could need. They understand and maintain high-security standards of commercial and industrial standards. Additionally, they have all the needed expertise to complete any job requirements of their clients.

As a business manager or owner, the security of the office, and employees should remain a top concern and priority for you. In this process, contact of a reliable Local Commercial Locksmith Near Me come in handy several time, especially when you require an emergency service during the office hours.

Plus, these commercial locksmith services are only a phone call away. In the course of running a business, problems with locks, file cabinets, safes, and so on, will frequently come up. In such a situation, a good Commercial Locksmith Near Me can be very useful.

Services provided by Commercial Locksmith

There is a wide variety of services a commercial locksmith offers, from installing to replacing locks. If you are looking for a good Commercial Locksmith Near Me, we are the best choice, as our experts offer all these following services at a reasonable rate.

New Lock Installation

A lock can fall apart or break after the years of usage. In such situations, it is important to replace the locks with new locks as soon as possible to protect your office or commercial place. These specialized locksmiths operate round-the-clock, so matter when you require their assistance, they are always available. They also give advice on which lock system is best for the door or file cabinet. 

Standard kind of device that a good Commercial Locksmith Near Me should able to install and service are:

  • Locks
  • Alarms
  • Security gates and grilles
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV
  • Safes services – to secure sensitive files
  • Installation of fire doors
  • Fire alarm and protection
  • Master key systems

Master Keying

If you have a fairly large office that has lots of doors, file cabinets and other things with locks and keys than the idea of a master key is good. A single master key can be used to permit access to each lock in your establishment. You can hire a professional commercial locksmith near me for the manufacture of a single master key that can use for all security systems.


For security or any purpose, you want to change locks of the door or any other place but without replacing the entire locking mechanism, the best way to achieve is rekeyed. In this process, the locksmith will change the cylinders of the lock so that the old keys do not work on it anymore. 

The locksmith will create a new key to match the reconfigured lock. The rekeying method is an easy and cost-effective method that removes the requirement to buy new locks.

Maintaining and Repairing Locks & Keys

To avoid the expense of new lock and their installation, maintain the locks regularly. If you find that the locks giving you an issue in locking or opening for quite some time, this is a sign that they require to maintain. You can call a Local Commercial Locksmith Near Me to perform routine checks on all locks. They will check for cracks, defaults, and other problems that could trouble you in the future. 

Providing Security Upgrades

A good commercial locksmith should be aware of the new available security upgrades. They advised these better upgrades to customers to improve their safety. These locksmiths are very aware of the behavior of the thieves and buglers. 

Thieves are becoming more experts as they train hard themselves to pick up new locks, both digital and manual. A good commercial locksmith also notifies its customers, if he notices an increase in the manipulation of the current lock.

Door Services

The doors of commercial premises are the main security line and if faces malfunction than a professional locksmith should work on that. A commercial locksmith near me can provide various services include door installation, boarding services, door repairs, replacement of closers, door frames, hinges, and more. You can also call them for the repair or installation of disabled exits and emergency exits.

Digital Lock Servicing

Some commercial places use advance digital locks and a security system. These types of locks could either need a code or code + key to unlock the door. As predictable, these locks require regular repair because many people use them every day. Maintenance is vital to make sure that locks do not face any malfunction and cause a business to lose time or money.

Key Cutting

If you require spare keys for doors in your office or commercial area or need to change a broken key, a good Local Commercial Locksmith Near Me can help you. Locksmiths can make copies of one single key according to the customer’s requirement. A copy of the key can sometimes even be created without the key with the help of the lock itself. This step will save you the time and cost of having to get an old lock removed.